Stepping Up My Game

It's been a long time since I've written a blog and abandoned my previous ones for the lack of authenticity I was able to reveal.  See, my previous profession required a more robotic stance that rarely exhibited my own authentic human qualities.  At least in my realm and location.  With age and experience I have chosen to live an authentic and self fulfilling life.  Centered around the people and places I love, my daily lifestyle is what dreams are made of.  Although, I loved my previous profession, there is something so genuine in living an organic life.  I guess I really always had a "hunch" or maybe I just knew that I could create what I want.  I had no idea how I was going to get there as the road is never direct nor clear.  It has twisted and turned and left heartbreak in it's midst.  It hasn't always been easy or pretty or predictable. I guess I have just always had a knack for going with the the tides of the sea.  Sometimes fast and hard, other times slow and steady.  Sometimes I thought I had some disorder because it seemed like life was either high or low.  Well, in reality that's how life is.  Sometimes it rains when it pours and sometimes it pours for weeks even months.  So, it's just faith that the sun will come.  If I forget, there's the sweet song that sings a reminder..." Here comes the sun..." It helped living in the Pacific Northwest for 7 years to teach you to ditch the umbrella for a versatile raincoat.  You can do anything and if you can do it in a storm in knee high mud then well shit...anything else seems easy. Count your accomplishments.  That's my source of resilience.  I count my accomplishments. I look back now at some of the many things I did (or really had to do) I am amazed at my own level of tenacity. Grit. Perseverance. Fiery. Feisty. Strong Willed. Direct. Leading. Head Strong.  The traits I posses scare people. So many have tried to control, contain, or mute me. My spirit is too strong.  My mind too stretched.  My heart so open. and my soul so free. so for you, I step up my game. I reach for the highest level of myself. I gift you all I have. Hang on, it's only just begun.